Brooke Summer of Brooke Summer Photography
By Pixifi on February 29, 2024

Brooke Summer of Brooke Summer Photography

Brooke Summer, a boudoir photographer and business advisor, shares her journey of starting and growing her studio. She emphasizes the importance of self-love and empowering others through her photography. Brooke discusses the impact of boudoir photography on her clients' confidence and the power of tangible prints. She also highlights the value of consistency and batching in running a successful business. Brooke shares her positive experience with Pixifi, a CRM software that has helped streamline her operations and improve client experience. In this conversation, Brooke Summer shares her advice for running a successful photography business. She emphasizes the importance of being yourself and using marketing strategies that are authentic and relatable. She also discusses the concept of escaping competition through authenticity and how it can help attract dream clients.


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TikTok: @boldwithbrooke

Instagram: @boldwithbrooke

Podcast:  Bold with Brooke

Instagram: @brookesphoto

TikTok: @brookesphoto


Show Notes:

00:00 - Introduction and Setting the Agenda

02:01 - Brooke's Studio and Business Advising

03:24 - Empowering Others and the Importance of Self-Love

04:51 - Creating Authentic and Empowering Photography

06:19 - Expanding the Definition of Beauty and Serving Male Clients

07:29 - The Journey of Starting a Boudoir Studio

08:31 - Choosing a Niche and Overcoming Stigma

10:43 - The Impact of Boudoir Photography on Self-Love

11:48 - The Emotional Impact of Delivering Photos to Clients

13:21 - The Power of Tangible Prints

15:25 - Memorable Moments and Recognizing Growth

18:08 - The Importance of Consistency and Batching

21:58 - The Value of Pixify in Streamlining Business Operations

30:59 - Using Pixifi to its Fullest

31:30 - Advice for Peers

32:06 - Being Yourself in Marketing

32:40 - Reaching Dream Clients

33:08 - Escape Competition Through Authenticity



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