Catalina Bloch of MDRN Activations
By Pixifi on February 29, 2024

Catalina Bloch of MDRN Activations

Cat Bloch, the founder and CEO of MDRN Activations, shares her business journey in the photo booth industry. She discusses the different aspects of her business, including traditional photo booths, experiential marketing, and other related ventures. Cat highlights the importance of systems and automation in scaling her business and credits Pixifi as a crucial tool in streamlining processes. She also shares her breakout moments, achieving revenue milestones, and the value of data analysis in understanding and targeting ideal customers. Cat's advice for peers is to set ambitious goals and believe in their own potential for success.

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Instagram: @photoboothmastery


Show Notes: 

00:00 - Introduction and Business Story

03:05 - Team and Operations

04:34 - Recognizing the Opportunity in Photo Booths

08:15 - Breakout Moments

12:07 - Implementing Pixifi and Streamlining Processes

15:04 - Achieving Revenue Milestones

17:15 - Using Data and Automation to Improve Business

19:43 - The Importance of Systems and Creativity

22:57 - Advice for Peers

25:09 - Conclusion


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