Jennifer Aguilar of Jenn & Ro
By Pixifi on February 29, 2024

Jennifer Aguilar of Jenn & Ro

Jenn Aguilar discusses her journey with Jenn & Ro, a New Jersey-based wedding photography business she runs with her husband. She highlights the transition from hobbyist to professional and, most recently, the shift towards intimate, meaningful weddings post-COVID. Jenn discusses a significant milestone when her husband was recognized at WPPI, underscoring the importance of peer recognition as a small business. The conversation also covers the strategic shift to in-person sales and full-service offerings, particularly selling printed products, which has notably sustained their business financially while adding immense value for their clients. Jenn advises fellow photographers to adapt to market changes, stressing the importance of maintaining proactive marketing and networking efforts to navigate the evolving wedding industry landscape.

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Show Notes-

0:00 - Introduction to Studio Spotlight with Kjael Skaalerud and Jenn Aguilar.

0:11 - Jenn shares what she's been up to and enjoying her time off.

0:15 - Discussion on weather changes and the anticipation of the wedding season.

0:21 - Jenn talks about the unpredictable weather during their first wedding shoot of the year.

0:51 - Overview of the agenda: studio beginnings, team dynamics, and memorable moments.

1:43 - Jenn introduces Jenn & Ro Photo, a husband and wife photography team specializing in weddings.

2:42 - Geographic focus and love for travel photography.

3:02 - Jenn recounts how long they've been in the photography business.

3:21 - The Genesis moment: transitioning from hobbyists to professional wedding photographers.

5:14 - The impact of COVID on wedding sizes and the recent shift towards more intimate ceremonies.

6:51 - Trends in the wedding industry and adapting to post-COVID preferences.

7:19 - The importance of in-person sales and offering full services to clients.

8:12 - Breakout moments and achievements in photography contests.

9:36 - Maintaining consistency and the significance of feedback loops in photography.

11:04 - How Pixifi has helped Jenn & Ro Photo stay organized and enhance client communication.

14:27 - The strategic shift to in-person sales to increase revenue and enhance client value.

16:44 - Jenn offers advice to peers in the photography industry facing post-COVID challenges.

22:57 - Closing remarks and appreciation for the insightful discussion.


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