The Pixifi Snapshot - Vol #12
By Pixifi on February 29, 2024

The Pixifi Snapshot - Vol #12

We're back with Issue #12!

Here's a quick summary of the content that follows:

📸 PRODUCTAn overview of the Brand Settings module and new client-facing pages on schedule for release the last week of March and into early April, plus lots of enhancements and bug fixes

👥 COMMUNITY — The first few Studio Spotlights (aka video interviews with your peers) are live! In addition, Pixifi is hosting a panel session during the Reset Conference in Michigan at the end of April

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Release Updates & Overview

We are 100% on track to release a totally refreshed Brand Settings module the last week of March, complete with design options (to establish custom branding elements across client-facing pages without Custom CSS), drag-and-drop client portals and inquiry forms, and more.

From there, we’ll be phasing in the new client-facing pages (i.e., inquiry forms, client portal, questionnaires, booking pages, pricing pages, proposals, contracts, and invoices) during the first ~10 days of April. Please expect much more communication in March via email and pop-ups within the Pixifi application to ensure everything is clear. If you currently utilize Custom CSS, you’ll receive specific communication to facilitate the transition.

Here’s a video diving deeper:



  • A how-to video on setting up SMTP and IMAP with Gmail is now available.
  • Contracts and Invoices can now be exported by year via a new HTML export option.
  • Exporting Contracts and Invoices should now be faster.
  • When a reminder is supposed to be sent to a deleted staff role, we now indicate this rather than just displaying “Staff”.
  • When Square ACH payments are still pending, a “pending” badge now appears on the invoice payment.
  • Added yahoo-specific instructions to IMAP and SMTP configuration.
  • For clients who have saved a payment method, we now wait 24 hours before retrying failed payments on invoices (up from 5 minutes).

Bug Fixes:

  • Enhanced the client portal to prevent username conflicts, allowing clients to complete proposals seamlessly even when username duplicates occur.
  • Updated Workshop payment terms to correctly reference the workshop start date, ensuring accurate invoice due dates and payment amounts at checkout.
  • Improved Workshop coupon functionality to allow for discounts in both dollars and cents, ensuring tickets can be fully discounted when necessary.
  • Refined contracts export feature to include names with special characters, ensuring complete and accurate contract file exports.
  • Streamlined the contract-sending process, eliminating warnings for a smoother user experience.
  • Enhanced dashboard security, removing “insecure content” warnings for a safer browsing experience.
  • Synchronized the Staff and Studio calendar feeds to accurately reflect event start times, improving schedule consistency.
  • Updated the system to allow PDF uploads for expense receipts, enhancing record-keeping capabilities.
  • Improved file upload functionality, ensuring files with backticks in the name are uploaded without errors and with helpful feedback.
  • Ensured the Brand selected for Mileage and Expense imports is correctly applied, maintaining consistency and accuracy in imported data.



The first Studio Spotlights are live!






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